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Ryan Grant On The End Of The Lockout

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Green Bay Packers RB Ryan Grant was interviewed by WSSP in Milwaukee, and he's confident about the ongoing labor negotiations and his ability to get ready for the season. From Sports Radio Interviews:

When are you guys going to be getting back to work?:

"I don’t [know]. I know there will be football. I can basically guarantee that. When we will start, I don’t know. I know we’re in talks. I know they’re pretty frequent talks. Both sides want ball and whenever it does get done, guys will be excited to get back on the field, especially me."

Is there a date by which the lockout needs to end for you to feel good about there being a full season?:

"Not really, necessarily. I don’t know some of the stuff. … I’m glad I’m not one of the coaches, not the front office or the league, regarding how to do that. I know what I would like from an individual sense to get myself prepared game-wise."

Hopefully his charitable event on Sunday was a big success.