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Bears Have Some Salary Cap Room To Work With

As I wrote about earlier, if the Bears defense remains strong in 2011, then they should be a tough opponent for the Green Bay Packers, no matter their short comings on offense. But they can do something about that offense. From ESPN NFC North Blog:

Cap status: About $37 million under

Comment: If anything, the Bears will have to spend significantly in order to exceed the cap "floor," or the minimum expenditure required. Regardless, all indications have been that the Bears are prepared to be active in free agency. At least one starting-caliber offensive lineman should be on their shopping list.

That's a lot of salary cap room to work with, and they certainly could use a good offensive lineman. Falcons OL Tyson Clabo could be an interesting name if he can start at guard or right tackle. Then 1st round pick, and former Badger, LT Gabe Carimi, could start at left tackle.

They could certainly use a wide receiver, and Sidney Rice would be an upgrade. Plus it would hurt a division rival, which could provide them with some extra incentive. Though their last signing from the Vikings, RB Chester Taylor, was certainly a pointless move.