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PFF: Greg Jennings Comes In At No. 7

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Pro Football Focus has compiled a list of the best wide receivers over the past three seasons, and Green Bay Packers WR Greg Jennings comes in at No. 7. From PFF:

He hasn’t always had the surest of hands but he showed up when it really mattered to become a key part of the Packers winning a Super Bowl.

That one sentence made me think of two plays, one good and one bad, from last season. The good was from the Super Bowl when he had a 31 yard reception with a five minutes left to set up their late field goal drive. The field goal forced the Steelers to think about scoring a touchdown, but much more importantly, it ate a lot more time off the clock when they needed to get the football back. The bad was from the loss in Detroit, when he showed his sometimes poor hands, and tipped a ball that he should have caught for a long touchdown pass back to Lions S Amari Spievey for an interception. 

And I'm still impressed that WR Larry Fitzgerald came out at No. 1, despite the awful quarterbacks he had to work with last season.