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More On Ryan Grant Returning As The Starter

Over the past couple days since RB Ryan Grant did a radio interview in which he discussed his status as the No. 1 running back in Green Bay, I've read a couple articles on whether he really should be considered the starter. Here's one from Matt Bowen at the National Football Post:

Does that mean we can’t pencil Grant in as the No.1 when camp (eventually) opens? Of course not, but he is going to have serious competition from James Starks—the RB that took over his role during the Green Bay's Super Bowl run. There are other names, such as rookie Alex Green and Brandon Jackson (if he sticks). Players that want the No.1 job also.

Of those names, only Starks has a real shot at unseating Grant. And while Starks was great during the playoffs, he didn't show an ability to make a big play. His longest run was for 27 yards against the Eagles, and while that's good, that doesn't make him a home run threat. 

They might give him back his old job no matter how he starts the season, just in case he needs a few weeks to get back into football shape, but he'll have a hard time keeping the job if he can't regain his 2009 form.