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The Green Bay Packers Attend The ESPYs

Getty Images

While it seemed like nearly every member of the Green Bay Packers was at the ESPYs, not everyone could make the trip. I bailed on watching the show, and did some serious channel surfing instead. But I know Kareem Copeland was watching:

Rodgers was the lone Packer to win an award despite several players making the trip. Rodgers, Matthews, Greg Jennings, A.J. Hawk, Desmond Bishop and Tramon Williams were all filmed in the crowd.

And Clay Matthews "didn't look amused" during his skit. Aaron Rodgers appeared to be going for a Risky Business look. I'm probably missing all the players in attendance, but Sam Shields made the trip too.

It was interesting that the NFL Network took the time to interview three players, Desmond Bishop, Charlie Peprah, and Jarrett Bush, who all contributed in the Super Bowl because other players were injured. I haven't always been those three players' biggest fan, but I can appreciate what Bishop and Peprah did throughout the season, and Bush's big INT during the Super Bowl. They all deserved the attention.