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NFL Labor Progress And The Packers Salary Cap

I've been expecting a new labor deal to be agreed on by the end of next week, and the owners and players made progress towards it on Thursday. From

To that end, impressive momentum came out of a nearly 15-hour labor negotiation Thursday in New York, with the owners and players closing in on an agreement for a new rookie wage scale, according to a source. It appears the issue could be resolved soon if the parties can work out a few minor details.

It seems unlikely they'll have all the pieces by the end of next week, but hopefully there will be a framework in place so they can end the lockout. I can't imagine they'd allow the start of the season to be held up by legal red tape.

There was also a report on the state of the salary cap. From

Also, salary-cap details became clear -- the 2011 projected cap will be roughly $123 million, according to sources, but as a practical matter will "feel" more like $130 million to teams when cap credits and new cap exceptions are factored. And teams will have to spend, in cash, 90 percent to the cap minimum, and league-wide spending will be pegged at 99 percent to the cap.

Other reports have it slightly less, at $120 million. The Green Bay Packers appear to be right around $120 million based on John Clayton's recent article. With all of their draft picks at the end of each round, signing them won't come with a big cap hit. GM Ted Thompson may have to make a move on his current roster, such as releasing RT Mark Tauscher, before he can do anything in free agency.