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Teams Have To Start Spending

Some teams have spent years keeping their costs low in anticipation of the lockout. The most notable cheapskate might be the Carolina Panthers. As I wrote in my previous post, the Green Bay Packers are pretty tight against the expected salary cap. But some teams will have to spend under the new rules in the anticipated labor deal. From Shutdown Corner:

Current cash-to-personnel numbers are approximate at best, but based on the figures given to us by Football Outsiders cap analyst Brian McIntyre, several teams will have a lot to do when the league year hits. According to the numbers we have, 18 of the 32 NFL teams are currently under the projected minimum obligation of $108 million [which may be higher based on the final cash-to-cap percentage], and some teams are tens of millions off at this time.

The Panthers might have to spend $40 million, but with Cam Newton to sign, and some big name free agents led by DE Charles Johnson to re-sign, they might not go on such a huge spending spree.

If other teams are looking to spend, they might be very tempted to raid the defending Super Bowl champions roster of some players such as LG Daryn Colledge and WR James Jones. I've considered them fairly safe bets to return to the Packers, if the team wants them back, but other teams might push their prices higher than the Packers can afford under the salary cap. Maybe that's for the best and the Packers shouldn't be tempted to over pay for either player.