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Rivera and Henderson Tour The State Before Hall of Fame Ceremony

Next weekend, the Green Bay Packers are going to induct Marco Rivera and William Henderson into the Packers Hall of Fame. But before the ceremony, the duo is on a tour around the state. From

Two former Packers took the evening to sit down and watch with fans highlights of a Super Bowl victory. William Henderson and Marco Rivera will be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame a week from Saturday. The two are touring the state ahead of their induction to help raise money for charity and meet with fans.

Walking into the small bar in the little town of Ettrick Friday night you would have thought the green and gold were about to take to the field. Old and young fans had wore jerseys from every era with pride. With dozens of fans decked out in their Sunday football best, the two former NFL stars were about to call Super Bowl XXXI from 1997.

"That's going to be awesome to hear them talk about the game what it was like to be there," says Packers Fan, Bob Dahl.

"I think they win," says a young Packers fan.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of both Rivera and Henderson, but this is a great one of Henderson leading the way on a run. Doing what he did best.