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Aaron Rodgers On The Packers Reloading

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is playing golf in Tahoe this weekend, and taking time to talk to reporters. From the Press-Gazette:

"I think we are gonna reload, I really do," Rodgers said. "We have a lot of guys coming back, a lot of guys we’re adding back to the mix, a lot of guys who got a chance last year and played really well.

We’re gonna take some shots this year with a big target on our back, but I’m excited with the guys we have coming back."

At first, I was hoping he was talking about the team making some moves to improve last season's championship team. But he's really talking about his teammates from last season, coming back stronger than ever in 2011.

Their focus should be returning the team intact, as best as they can, with an eye to making themselves even better. Once a team becomes complacent, and sticks with the players who got them there for too long, it becomes a problem. I don't think that's set in yet, but I just want them to stay on top of their game.