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Packers Safety Morgan Burnett At The Center of Georgia Tech Violations

A big story that was suddenly announced this weekend involves Georgia Tech vacating their 2009 ACC championship, and the player that started the investigation was Green Bay Packers S Morgan Burnett. An NCAA investigation began when they suspected Burnett received a "cellphone and other benefits by a sports agent" during the 2009 season.

How does this reflect on Burnett? It's not clear he did anything wrong, and he denied doing anything wrong. The NCAA "does not find a preferential-treatment violation regarding Burnett" which I assume means the NCAA couldn't prove he actually received a cellphone or anything else. 

The big issue here was that Georgia Tech really screwed up once the investigation began in 2009. There are also violations involving the basketball team, but that's from a separate incident that did not involve Burnett. Georgia Tech should have done was not told Burnett what issues were being investigated before his NCAA interview, and he should have been riding the bench. From Ask A Smug UGA Fan at SB Nation Atlanta, who compares this situation to the one where Georgia sat A.J. Green down for four games once an NCAA investigation looked into his sale of a jersey:

Georgia Tech, however, was informed by the NCAA that a player, allegedly either Demaryius Thomas or Morgan Burnett, had eligibility issues for getting free stuff from an agent's runner, yet played him anyway in the Georgia game, the ACC title game and the Orange Bowl. Georgia cooperated fully with the NCAA's investigation, while Tech is said to have interfered with them at multiple opportunities.

From what I've read so far, we shouldn't think less of him for getting involved in this. The NCAA couldn't prove he received any improper benefits, he denied it, and this is really a case of Georgia Tech screwing up.