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A.J. Hawk Can Hit A Golf Ball Farther Than You

LB A.J. Hawk is another one of the Green Bay Packers golfing in Tahoe this weekend, and it appears that his previous comments about his injured wrist remain true based on his performance off the tee. From the L.A. Times:

"I just hit it as hard as I can. I try not to think too much," said the self- deprecating big man who plays with just one wood (a 10-degree driver) in his bag. "I have issues when I start thinking out there. I just like seeing how far I can hit it. I don't mess with my clubs, and I don't practice. I just like to play." 

Earlier in the week, Hawk won the Korbel Long Drive for the second time in three years. His blast of 337 yards was 15 yards farther than his winning poke from 2009. It was so far that it hit the NBC camera tower at the back end of the practice range. 

"I can talk to these guys anytime (Tebow and Schaub), but just not so much on game days," quipped Hawk, the defensive signal caller for the Packers. "I don't trash talk during games. I'd sound like an idiot. Besides, I have too much to say in the huddle."