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On The PFT Packers Team Checklist

It's all just opinion on what the Green Bay Packers should do once the lockout ends, but here's my take on Mike Florio's team checklist at Pro Football Talk

1. He doesn't expect they'll re-sign DE Cullen Jenkins, which I have to agree with.

2. They won't cut ties yet with DE Johnny Jolly, who isn't going to be reinstated by the NFL since he pleaded guilty to possession in April, because they don't have to. If he's ever reinstated, then they'll release him. I can't imagine the Packers will welcome him back.

3. I can't imagine they'll make a free agent splash and sign a veteran who's looking for a championship. They don't have any real need, they've got a tight salary cap, and it isn't GM Ted Thompson's style. Maybe they'll sign a minor veteran or two for a near minimum salary, but not a household name.

4. I can't imagine they'll release Ryan Grant now. A few years ago, Thompson might have forced Grant to renegotiate or else, back in 2005 he released Darren Sharper after Sharper refused to take a pay cut, but he's been generous with veterans and base salaries since then. I doubt he'd force out Grant, and create some bad will in the locker room, over a $1 million bonus.

5. I've been expecting them to part ways with LB Nick Barnett and RT Mark Tauscher, though I could see Tausher re-signing for a veteran's minimum.

6. Thompson hasn't been too quick to sign young veterans to extensions. He dragged his feet for a while before he gave FS Nick Collins a multi-year extension. Maybe that was in anticipation of the lockout, and he didn't want to overpay if the new salary cap was a lot lower. We'll have to wait and see on that point.