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Latest On The Vikings Stadium Deal

I'm still expecting an agreement to build a new stadium for the Vikings in Arden Hills, and keep them and their long standing rivalry with the Green Bay Packers in Minnesota (instead of L.A.), but there's no doubt the matter has taken a step back over the weekend.

The big problem is that while Governor Dayton supports a new stadium, he has to deal with the state shutdown and budget crisis first. He finally made enough concessions, he dropped his months long call for a tax hike, to make an agreement with Republican leaders. Only to find out that Republican leaders didn't have the support of the Republican rank and file. Now the stadium deal has to wait, it's an "impossibility" to have a vote on it in the current special session, and the Governor will have to call another special session to address it.

It's all politics, and obviously not my usual beat, but my overall point is that the stadium is still a priority but more pressing matters have become THE top priority at the moment. And in the end, I still expect they'll get a stadium deal done.