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Swapping Eagles QB Kolb for Cardinals CB Rodgers-Cromartie

This story is completely unrelated to the Green Bay Packers, but I love hot stove rumors and this is a rare one. Two well known players in a player-for-player trade: Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and Cardinals CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. And this does make sense for both teams.

While the Cardinals could use a cornerback who made the Pro Bowl in 2009, he does come with his flaws including a lot of missed tackles and a down 2010 season. I'm not exactly sure when Rodgers-Cromartie will become a free agent, but I expect it will be soon. If the Cardinals have mixed feelings about him, and they don't want to pay him the top dollar he may command, I could understand why they might be willing to trade him while they can. On the other hand, the Eagles really need a cornerback opposite Asante Samuel.

With Kolb to be paid like a starter, and Michael Vick the unquestioned starter now, the Eagles really need to trade him for someone who could help them at another position. They should have no trouble finding or grooming a decent backup quarterback. And Kolb to the Cardinals is something that's seemed obvious to me for months. The Cardinals desperately need a good quarterback to throw to the best wide receiver in the NFL: Larry FItzgerald. Plus the NFC West looks just as weak in 2011 as it was in 2010, and Kolb to the Cardinals might be more than enough to make them the best team in their conference. Even with Kolb's lack of mobility, on display during his week 1 loss to the Packers.