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Who Should The Packers Sign In Free Agency?

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The Green Bay Packers should be tight up against the salary cap once they sign their rookies, and re-sign any of their own free agents, but it's always possible they can free up enough room to make one splash in free agency. Salary cap rules are made to be bent. Even if it isn't their style to spend a lot on another team's free agent.

While it's unlikely they'll make a big free agent move, if they did, who might be the one player you'd like them to see sign?

Here's a list of the Top 51 free agents from Pro Football Focus, and the Top 50 free agents from CBS Unfortunately these lists should be narrowed since every team will have a 72 hour window to re-sign their own free agents before they can be signed by any team.

I'll throw out one suggestion: Browns LB Matt Roth. He could provide an upgrade at outside linebacker, and he wants to play for a winner with a 3-4 defense. He's not a great pass rusher, but he could play on the strongside so Clay Matthews could move back to the weak side over the left tackle. On the other hand, he was surprisingly released mid-2009 by the Dolphins for reasons that remain unclear, and the Browns fans aren't desperate to keep him.

Which free agent would you like to see the Packers pursue?