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Football Outsiders On The Packers Secondary and Their Future

Football Outsiders ran a couple articles this week that mentioned the Green Bay Packers. First was on how pass defenses stacked up against various numbers of wide receiver sets. The key in 2010 (not necessarily in every season) was their performance against 4-5 WRs. From Football Outsiders:

Essentially, in repeated battles of strength versus strength, Green Bay emerged victorious each time. Just to get to the Super Bowl, Green Bay’s defense, ranked seventh in DVOA against 4/5WR sets, defeated two of the top four offenses in DVOA on plays using 4/5WR sets (i.e., Chicago and Atlanta, respectively).

You can see how the Packer offense did if you click on the link above. The Packers defense was just above average against the classic 2 WR set because they struggled against tight ends (No. 22 overall in 2010) who certainly played a larger role with only two wide receivers on the field. That'll be something for them to improve on in 2011.

Second was their opinion as to a question on Insider ESPN: who will be set to win in 2014-2016? They chose the Packers. I saw this discussion on ESPN's website and thought it was stupid. How many teams will turnover half their roster between now and 2014? But the proud fan in me was happy to read they chose the Packers.