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Just To Follow Up On That Contact Between Team And Players

There were a couple unsourced reports that the Green Bay Packers told their players to report on Saturday, which would have been a violation of the lockout. The story changed the next morning once Aaron Rodgers tweeted that he hadn't been contacted, and Chris Mortensen followed up with an unnamed Packer official. From ESPN:

ESPN's Chris Mortensen, in fact, quotes a high-ranking Packers official denying that any players have been contacted about reporting. 

The team has made internal contingency plans about contacting players for travel arrangements, Mortensen reported.

Apparently "internal contingency plans" involve some sort of permitted contact if the unnamed (yes, everyone is unnamed) Packer official specifically brought it up. Jason WIlde tweeted that a couple players were contacted, presumably for travel logistics. It doesn't entirely add up, but luckily the lockout will be over soon and so will all this nonsense.