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Options At Defensive End: Kicking The Tires On Shaun Ellis

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While I don't expect the Green Bay Packers to make any big play in free agency, if they really are concerned about the defensive end spot because they don't like the options we discussed earlier, then they might look to free agency for help. 

Pro Football Focus discussed the same matter and dropped the name Shaun Ellis. Gang Green Nation expects Ellis still has something left to offer despite his 11 seasons of mileage, though he might be looking for a big pay day. PFF speculated that he might be left out of the Jets plans because they have some more significant free agent matters to contend with, including re-signing WR Santonio Holmes. He certainly could replace a lot of what Cullen Jenkins did.

On the other hand, the Packers were in a similar situation back in 2009 when they were switching over to a 3-4 defense. It looked like they really needed a 3-4 DE and names like Igor Olshansky and Chris Canty were tossed around. In the end, they went in house and used B.J. Raji as a defensive end.