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NFL Lockout 2011 News: Owners Vote To Pass Lockout Resolution 31-0

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Ya'll ready for some football? We're getting cloooooser! On Thursday night, just a few minutes before this posting, the owners voted to pass the NFL lockout resolution. Per Rich Eisen on the NFL Network, the resolution was passed by a vote of 31-0. There's no confirmation on who the one abstaining voter was, but I'm going to create a completely made-up reality in my head (and also play the odds) and say that it was not Mark Murphy who wanted to deprive us of football. There is a rumor circulation that Al Davis was the one who abstained. It appears that the Green Bay Packers' season will get started on schedule.

The vote is now up to the players, who are also expected to pass the resolution. The players union is still not a union and has to re-certify, but the owners apparently have enough faith that the players want to re-certify to pass the lockout resolution today. The players and owners have a conference call scheduled for 8:00 P.M. ET, after which the players are expected to vote.

I'm around tonight and tomorrow, so I'll keep you guys updated with the news as it breaks.