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Roger Goodell: Team Facilities Open Saturday, Year Starts Wednesday, Hall Of Fame Game Canceled

Shortly after the NFL owners voted 31-0 to end the NFL lockout, Roger Goodell held a press conference with a number of the team owners at his side, addressing the press and stating the ramifications of the new agreement, pending a vote on the new CBA agreement by the players and re-certification of the NFLPA. During the press conference, Goodell was optimistic about the impending calendar.

Goodell said, quote, "Team facilities will open Saturday with the league year opening Wednesday, pending re-certification of the union and player ratification of the settlement."

He also went on to say that the Hall Of Fame Game will be cancelled, as all parties felt that it was unfair to expect teams to play a preseason game without ample time to prepare. However, he did state that all teams would play the same number of preseason games, which implies that the game will be rescheduled to take place in a different place on a different date.