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The Lockout Is Not Quite Over Yet - Comments From Packers President Mark Murphy

As I'm sure you saw everywhere, the Green Bay Packers and every other NFL team (except the comical Raiders) voted in favor of a new labor agreement, and now it's up to the players. There was a little concern at first because the owners ratified a final agreement that the players had never seen. I wasn't expecting the owners to pull a fast one, but it's smart on the players part to re-read the agreement before voting. Right now there is optimism that all the final details will be worked out over the weekend.

Team president Mark Murphy just sounds like he wants the lockout over, and I can't say I blame him. From National Football Post:

But there will not be any more negotiations. Not according to Mark Murphy, the president of the Green Bay Packers. Murphy said in a conference call with Packers media that the owners have “put our pens down.”