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The Players Antitrust Lawsuit Has Fewer Obstacles

There's been a lot of media grumblings about Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson and their refusal to settle the players' antitrust lawsuit against the league without significant concessions. It didn't turn out to be a big deal. From Albert Breer at

Requests for concessions for numerous players -- including but not limited to San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson and New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins -- remained earlier in the week. But Jackson and Mankins have dropped their demands for $10 million to settle the suit against the league, leaving fewer obstacles to a new collective bargaining agreement that would end the four-month-old NFL lockout.

The rest of the plaintiffs have to sign off too, but no one I had read about had been reportedly causing a problem. The players still have some work to do by signing off on the settlement, re-form the union, and vote on the owners' proposal. Hopefully everything can be set up this weekend, and all the filings and voting can be finished on Monday.