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On The Future Of Jermichael Finley

Should Green Bay Packers TE Jermichael Finley be paid like 49ers TE Vernon Davis based on his potential? From ESPN NFC North Blog:

Kevin Seifert: Once again, I'm surprised at how many people are worried about this issue. Finley's contract does expire after the 2011 season, and Finley's wife tweeted this week that family members are already asking where Finley will play in 2012... 

To me, Finley will answer this question himself by the type of 2011 season he produces. If he becomes the type of 16-game weapon many people believe he can be, it's going to be hard for the Packers to part ways with him. 

I've written similar thoughts on the subject in the past. Finley only has about 1000 yards receiving for his career, so to pay him a mega contract just because he's really talented is crazy. He has to produce on the field. If he plays 16 games and statistically becomes one of the best, the Packers will make sure he stays. If he gets hurt and misses most of the season, again, then they'll have a big decision to make. 

I'd rather they wait and pay top dollar when they have to instead of overpaying now for someone who could be injury prone. The good news is the Packers have the entire 2011 season to figure out what to do, and I don't expect they'll rush to a decision. Finley might be a good candidate to re-sign to a big extension during the season, such as the Packers did last year with LB Desmond Bishop, once they know he can be productive and healthy.