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Where Will Cullen Jenkins Play In 2011?

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Instead of discussing the annoying Brett Favre rumors (my two cents: he's not coming back to hold a clipboard), I'd rather discuss where another former soon-to-be-ex Green Bay Packers player will sign in 2011.

DE Cullen Jenkins was "99% sure something won't happen" and he should be looking elsewhere. NFL rumors over the past few months are as unreliable as ever, and this is not an exclusive list of teams that could be interested in him, but it's a start for our discussion.

To the Washington Redskins. "The two sides have mutual interest" and the Redskins are in the process of revamping their defensive line. He'd be moving from a 3-4 scheme to another 3-4 scheme, but the Packers use so many different formations under defensive coordinator Dom Capers that they should look closely at the film to make sure he's a good fit.

To the Dallas Cowboys. The rumor has been spread. While it's more likely they'd re-sign either Stephen Bowen or Marcus Spears, he's a better pass rusher. No team has a bigger salary cap problem than the Cowboys, so this seems like seems a poor fit.

To the Baltimore Ravens. Matt Williamson thinks he'd be a great fit with them, and Baltimore Beat Down is interested too.

To the Denver Broncos. They "will be among those expressing interest" and they passed on DT Marcell Dareus to select LB Von Miller with the No. 2 overall pick. But with the addition of Miller, and the return of DE Elvis Dumervil from a season ending knee injury, they might prefer a defensive tackle who's more of a run stopper because they have pass rushing options.

The Chicago Bears. Unfortunate but true, however, Windy City Gridiron thinks the Bears may look at in-house options instead of signing Jenkins. He'd make a lot of sense for them because they need their front four to provide the bulk of their pass rush, so Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs can drop back in pass coverage.