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More Details On The New Labor Deal

Here's a very good recap on new details that leaked out on the new labor agreement between the players and owners. These are minor issues compared to the overall revenue split and the calculation of the salary cap and floor, but these are all important issues none the less. From Pro Football Talk:

Top rookie picks will make a lot less, and there have been rules put in place to discourage rookie holdouts. Revenue sharing has been adjusted. The salary cap will be flexible in 2011.  Padded practices will plummet.  Tampering won’t be a big issue this year.

More details are available if you follow the links above. The best news is that minimum salaries are going up by $50,000 and will continue to increase. Gregg Rosenthal said "almost half the league has a minimum salary." Pushing it up from the bottom helps all the players, and that will be a big raise for many.

I'm interested to see how that bit on rules "to discourage rookie holdouts" works over the next couple weeks. Signing draft choices is usually a slow process.