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Which Undrafted Free Agents Might The Packers Target?

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The Green Bay Packers have always been pretty good at identifying undrafted free agents, but they hit gold last season when two of them (LB Frank Zombo and CB Sam Shields) ending up playing significant roles on defense. I have no idea who they'll sign later this week when the lockout is lifted, but Shutdown Corner runs down a list of players still available on both sides of the ball.

On defense, the only named that jumped out at me was LB Mark Herzlich, and that's only because of his well publicized battle with cancer off the field. Over the last couple years, the Packers have taken some chances on undrafted free agents who were defensive ends in college (like Zombo) to see if they can convert them into outside linebackers. Maybe someone like Oklahoma State DE Ugo Chinasa, a 6-5, 264 lbs. college defensive end, might draw their attention.

On offense, there were a lot more names that caught my eye. I had mentioned Delaware QB Pat Devlin as someone who could battle for the Packers practice squad. Maybe USC C Kris O'Dowd would be of interest if they don't intend to re-sign OL Jason Spitz as a backup lineman. I'm really surprised Auburn RB Mario Fannin was undrafted, and he could be someone that would interest the Packers as a practice squad back.