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Where Will Daryn Colledge Play In 2011?

I've been thinking the Green Bay Packers would want to bring back LG Daryn Colledge next season, but he doesn't think so. From Fox Sports Wisconsin:

"The Packers have had a lot of years to re-sign me if they wanted to, so it looks like they might just let me go to free agency," Colledge said. "Whether that's a business decision or a personal decision, I don't know. As of right now, I still get to look back at all the memories I've had over the past few years and all the great times we've had and we won a championship and did a lot of great things."

Now I have to agree: they probably would have re-signed him by now if they really wanted to. The drafting of OL Derek Sherrod was probably the final straw. With Sherrod joining the team, and T.J. Lang returning, they had other options. Plus, they have some backup lineman they like such as OL Nick McDonald, so depth isn't a major concern.

So which team might he sign with in 2011? He isn't that big name signing who draws the attention of a lot of writers. There are a lot of free agent guards out there who are starters, so it's a buyer's market, but he does have the Super Bowl ring to set him apart. He should be starting somewhere next season. A link at Rotoworld mentioned three teams that could be interested:

Redskins. Hogs Haven only mentioned his name in passing on a list of other zone blocking lineman, while NFL Nation predicted they wouldn't sign him. While Colledge wasn't always zone blocking with the Packers, they mixed up their styles during Mike McCarthy's tenure, he's certainly good at it. And the Redskins seem like they need help and depth on their offensive line every year. He'd be a good fit for them.

Texans. I don't know where this rumor came from. When I look at 10 free agents the Texans could pursue, it's mostly defensive backs, which makes sense because they arguably have the worst secondary in the NFL. That article mentioned no offensive lineman.

Seahawks. Colledge is just another guy that was mentioned in passing at Field Gulls, but he might be a better fit for them because Colledge is a guy who is always healthy, unlike many of their lineman.