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Fun With Hypothetical Situations: If Nick Barnett Is Traded, You Sign...

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Yesterday, I posted about how there's a pretty good chance that Nick Barnett gets traded. Let's say, for the sake of having a whole lot of fun making stuff up, that Barnett is traded for a draft pick, maybe a third or fourth rounder. With Barnett gone, Ted Thompson has an additional $4+ million in salary cap room to work with in the next couple of seasons. That's money he can use to make a decent signing, whether that be retaining a departing player or signing a new free agent.

When the lockout ends, there are three key Packers contributors who will become free agents who are not locks to be re-signed. The regular readers of this site and most Packers fans already know who these players are: Daryn Colledge, James Jones and Cullen Jenkins.

So, what I ask of you, APC community, is this: What do you do with the extra cap money if Nick Barnett is traded for a draft pick? I'm giving you a bunch of options in a poll below, and I'd love to see your explanations for what you selected in the comments.