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Packers Sign Saine, Taylor, Genus, and Dominguez

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I'm just trying to keep up as the Green Bay Packers sign unrestricted free agents. My original post with several players is here. More of them have signed according to JS

RB Brandon Saine, Ohio State. They need another back to compete for the practice squad. While Saine might be familiar to most Big Ten football fans, he's also well known to stat heads because he posted a high speed score. Basically it gives him a statistical boost and takes into account that it's more impressive to run a 4.43 40 time when you're 220 lbs.

WR Kerry Taylor, Arizona State. He's not really big (6-0) or really fast (4.52 40 time), but he had a productive college career. His uncle is former 49ers receiver John Taylor. Unfortunately he's joining a crowded field of receivers.

Sampson Genus, South Florida. He's a little short for a center at 6-1, but that hasn't held Scott Wells back. He's not filing an obvious need, but they could use a little more competition at center and guard if they don't re-sign Jason Spitz as a backup.

One more player I spotted at Cheesehead TV:

OL Ray Dominguez, Arkansas. NFL Draft Scout had him rated as the 13th best guard in the draft, but it wasn't an exceptional draft for offensive guards. He's a big guy at 6-4, 334 lbs. which may be to his advantage as the Packers have shown more power looks in recent seasons. Same thing I wrote about adding depth above at center and guard applies.