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Nick Barnett Met With GM Ted Thompson

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This is not a big surprise, but it's official that the Green Bay Packers don't have LB Nick Barnett in their plans. We'll have to see whether this means he's released or traded. From his Twitter account:

Just met with Ted, Thanks for the great 8 years. Very blessed 2 be apart of such a great tradition and great fans.. Happy I was able to be here for the great xlv run... I will always keep a Special place in my heart for this team and city..I look forward to the next jungle #Mufasawill roam... :-) let's get it

More on the story from JS, with the note that they can't release players until later this week. Right after the season, I thought they might have kept him on for the entire preseason, just in case of injuries or maybe he'd retake his starting job, but the Packers tight salary cap situation made that a luxury they couldn't afford. He'll be a good player for another team in 2011.