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McNabb to Bridge the Gap to Ponder in Minnesota

With the drafting of Christian Ponder with the 12th overall pick in this year's draft, the Vikings endured plenty of ridicule from rival fan bases for reaching too high for their quarterback of the future. However, Ponder has some serious potential -- even if he was drafted too highly, as many (myself included) would argue. The lockout obviously barred him from meeting with his coaches and many of his teammates and working on the playbook, leading pundits and bloggers to speculate that Minnesota would be in the running for one of the veteran QBs discussed in trade rumors to help bridge the gap until Ponder is ready to take the reins.

Well, they seemingly got their man. The Vikings appear to have a deal finalized to acquire Donovan McNabb from the Washington Redskins, giving up a low draft pick.

What does this mean for the Packers' NFC North rival in the upcoming season? Minnesota now has a proven winner at QB who, though not the physical specimen he once was, is still capable of putting up good numbers against good defenses (see 26-49 for 357 yards in week 5 of last season against Green Bay). They also have a guy who's taken a beating over the last several years, and who is probably playing out the last few seasons of his excellent career. This all seems vaguely familiar...but let's not go there.

In any case, the deal is done, and waiting on Minnesota's restructuring of McNabb's current contract. This move at least brings the Vikings back into the discussion for a playoff spot in the NFC, and gives them a much better chance to compete for the NFC North Division title this season.