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Information On All 16 Rumored Green Bay Packers Undrafted Free Agents

Yesterday was a big day for the Green Bay Packers in the first day where teams were able to sign undrafted rookie free agents. Brandon got off a couple of posts yesterday on the subject (three UDFAs herefour UDFAs here), but he could hardly keep up with the giant mass of players that the Packers signed. Though none of the signings have been officially announced by the team at the time of this posting, reliable sources have confirmed the signing of a total of 16 undrafted rookie free agents by the Packers. This puts them right up against the 90 player limit.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette's posted this excellent list of bios on the 16 players last night, and it's well worth a look. I highly recommend that you not only give it a read, but check that site on a regular basis. Some talk about one of the 16 players can be found after the jump.

Here's the one that I found most striking:

Jamari Lattimore, OLB, Middle Tennessee State (6-2, 230): Finished his career with 20½ sacks, including a school record 11½ in a single season. Comes from the same school that produced current Packers' OLB Erik Walden.

With Brandon Chillar and Brady Poppinga possibly on their way out - which I'll be writing about a bit later today - Lattimore might actually get some time in preseason. I don't expect him to make the final cut, as he's raw and undersized at this point, but he's an interesting player who was an absolute sack machine in college, and he might just need a year on the practice squad to develop into a legitimate NFL player.