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Reading Too Much Into Things: Lack Of QB, Kicker In UDFA Signings Good For Crosby, Flynn?

Take a look at the list of 16 undrafted rookie free agents that the Packers are signing. There are no kickers. There is one player who is listed as a quarterback, but he (Diondre Borel) is a return specialist prospect who is not expected to be given a shot to play quarterback in the NFL. Do you see what I see?

Well, Brian Carriveau of saw it before I had a chance to write this up, so he wins this time. What's interesting about this list is that it doesn't include a single quarterback or kicker prospect.

Matt Flynn's future with the team has been speculated about ad nauseum, while Mason Crosby is (or was) an unrestricted free agent. He's re-signed with the Packers according to reports, but there's no official word from the team yet.. I'm probably reading way too much into things here, but it would seem that by not signing anyone who can play quarterback or kicker from the unrestricted rookie free agent pool, the short-term futures of Flynn and Crosby are safe with the team.

We were always expected to re-sign Crosby and not trade Flynn, but this provides me with some peace of mind on both fronts.