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Potential Packers Cuts: Have Your Say On Tauscher, Chillar, Poppinga And Harrell

We've already learned that the Green Bay Packers will probably trade or cut Nick Barnett before the season starts, saving themselves quite a bit of money, but there's no way that the veteran middle linebacker will be the team's only cap casualty. There are four other players who we've discussed as potential cap casualties frequently: Brandan Chillar, Brady Poppinga, Justin Harrell and Mark Tauscher. Let's talk about them some more.

None of these four players are expected to start this coming season for various reasons. Poppinga and Chillar both lost their places to injuries, but not really. They were always decent, serviceable players, but neither ever had their position on lock. Chillar is owed $2.6 million this season, and Poppinga is owed $2.3 million. Cheap and talented players like Frank Zombo and Erik Walden make them expendable.

Justin Harrell is a completely different story. A former first round pick, injuries and other factors have slowed Harrell's development and he's never really looked like a guy who could make an impact in the NFL. He's only owed $650k this season so Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy might be willing to give him another shot. However, he's also owed a roster bonus. Due to the NFL lockout, I am not sure when that roster bonus is due.

Then there's Mark Tauscher. A fan favorite, a locker room favorite, and all-around awesome dude, Tauscher has shown his age in recent years. He's owed $4.5 million this year, and it's hard to imagine that the Packers will keep him around at that price. If he wants to play for the Packers this season, he will almost certainly have to re-sign for less money.

Let's have a discussion about these guys in the comments. Do you keep any of the four, or are none worth their current paychecks to the Packers? Do you want to keep one of Poppinga and Chillar, but not both? Are you willing to give Harrell another shot? Have your say below, and I'll make sure to chime in after ya'll have got it going.