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Packers Sign Borel, Hoese, Jennings, The Josephs, Ross, Sherman, and So'oto

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Using the rookie free agent post at JS Online as my guide, here are the undrafted free agents the Green Bay Packers have signed as of late Tuesday.

My first post looked at KR Antoine Smithson, WR Tori Gurley, and LB James Lattimore. With S Anthony Bratton buried in the comments.

By Tuesday morning, they had signed RB Brandon Saine, WR Kerry Taylor, C Sampson Genus, and G Ray Dominguez.

Here are the players announced later on Tuesday:

QB Diondre Borel, Utah State, is hopefully not joining the team as a quarterback because his 2010 stats were brutal. At 6-0, 190 lbs. he looks like a wide receiver prospect, and I assume he's a heck of an athlete, but joins a crowded position.

FB Jon Hoese. Minnesota. The 6-2, 238 lbs. full back might be the next John Kuhn, if Kuhn finds the free agent grass is greener with another team. With Korey Hall also a free agent, he might find himself in a good situation.

DB M.D. Jennings, Arkansas State, sounds like a slightly shorter version of CB Brandon Underwood. He's pretty small at 5-11, 187 lbs., but he'll be given a chance to see if he can make some plays. He may not have much competition for a spot on the practice squad.

LB Elijah Joseph and DL Elisah Joseph, Temple, are identical twins which makes this a very unusual story. Elijah "Peanut" seems like the longer shot as a 6-1, 243 lbs. linebacker only suited to play inside, while Elisah would play as a 5-technique, 3-4 defensive end, but neither player has a lot of competition as they likely battle for spots on the practice squad.

CB Brandian Ross, Youngstown State, comes in with nearly the same height and 40 time as M.D. Jennings (see above) plus a little more size at 196 lbs. according to JS Online. And just like Jennings, he's doesn't have much competition at cornerback for a spot on the practice squad.

OL Theo Sherman, James Madison, is another small school guy they targeted. He started his last four seasons at tackle, but at 6-4, 300 lbs., he would seem to be an interior line prospect. He's a longshot and he's joining a deep position, which could get even deeper depending on their free agent moves this week.

LB Vic So'oto, BYU. is a 6-3, 260 lbs. college defensive end who will convert to outside linebacker. I thought they might target more college DEs they could convert to outside linebacker, but they do have a lot of competition already at those positions.