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Mason Crosby Deal Worth $14.75m Over 5 Years With $3m Guaranteed. No, I'm Serious.

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Uh, holy cats, guys. According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the free agent contract that the Green Bay Packers just signed kicker Mason Crosby to is worth a whopping $14.75 million over five years, with $3 million of that guaranteed money. Really. From the JSOnline article:

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the deal is worth $14.75 million and includes $3 million of guaranteed money.

The contract puts Crosby in the upper echelon of kickers in the National Football League just below top-paid kicker Sebastian Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders.

Good lord. I like Mason Crosby a lot and I'm happy we kept him, but dude makes 78% of his field goals. Would Ray Guy have been worth that kind of contract? People think we can't afford to pay James Jones $4 million per year...and we go and do this? Wow. Wow wow wow.

That is a LOT of money. In Ted Thompson I trust, Struggling to wrap my head around this one. I think I will calm down in a day or two, but my immediate reaction is 'horrified.'