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Packers "Never Showed Interest" In Daryn Colledge

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the Green Bay Packers will be losing an offensive lineman to free agency. Daryn Colledge will not be returning as a member of the Pack. reports that based on communications with Colledge and his agent, the guard has not been impressed by the Packers' efforts to keep him in Green Bay, and is ready to move on in free agency. When a player comes out and says "I don't think they really ever showed interest," that's a pretty clear sign that he's not happy with the organization's efforts to keep him around.

Ted Thompson did tender the lineman before the lockout on the off chance that he would still be a restricted free agent. However, with unrestricted free agency starting at four years of experience, it's clear that Ted was not willing to offer Colledge the type of contract that he is likely to find on the open market. It also sounds like Colledge is taking it a little bit personally, judging from his comment "Whether that's a business decision or a personal decision, I don't know." I would be shocked if Thompson had any sort of personal issue with Colledge, though.

Rumored destinations for Colledge include Arizona, Washington, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay, any of which could use a durable veteran on the offensive line. Colledge is 29 and still has several years left and his versatility is another asset.

What does this mean for the Packers moving forward? It appears that Ted Thompson and company feel comfortable with a competition between T.J. Lang, Nick McDonald, and possibly rookie Derek Sherrod for the starting left guard spot. I still expect Bryan Bulaga to man the right tackle position, as he showed improvement throughout the 2010 season.

Do you agree with the decision to let Colledge walk? Or should he get paid and be back in the mix as the prospective starter at left guard?