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Green Bay Packers Free Agency 2011: Cullen Jenkins Close To Signing With Washington Redskins, According To Reports

I saw the tweet from Pro Football Talk that Cullen Jenkins was close to reaching an agreement with the Washington Redskins, but I wanted to wait for something else before writing anything here. Well, a report from Packer Report's Bill Huber is a little bit better. Both Huber and Pro Football Talk have independently confirmed with sources that the two sides are talking and that they are close to agreeing to a deal. Jenkins would be the second big name unrestricted free agent to leave the Green Bay Packers in the 2011 free agency period, after Daryn Colledge left for the Arizona Cardinals.

This was probably always going to happen with the Packers' salary cap issues and depth on the defensive line, but I think that most of us held out hope that we could get a deal done with Jenkins. However, the Redskins and Jenkins have had mutual interest in each other for quite some time by all accounts, and this morning's Albert Haynesworth trade cleared up some serious cap space for the Skins.

It's far from confirmed at this point, but it's looking increasingly likely that Jenkins will not be playing for the Packers next season.