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Green Bay Packers Free Agency 2011: Daryn Colledge Headed For Arizona Cardinals

After we learned last night that the Green Bay Packers "never showed interest" in re-signing left guard Daryn Colledge, it should come as no surprise that he's quickly agreed to terms with a new team. Though nothing can be made official until Friday, Jason La Confora of is reporting that Colledge has already agreed to a deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

This is a signing that should be a good fit for both the Cardinals and Colledge. They had a serious need for a guard and Colledge should fit their system well. Colledge is not an elite offensive lineman, as the Packers' reported lack of interest should indicate, so his options for starting won't have been numerous. However, he is a serviceable NFL offensive guard and he'll be happy to have found a team that's going to give him a chance to start.

I think a lot of us expected Colledge to eventually become a Pro Bowl-caliber guy a few years back, but he's stagnated a bit over the last couple of years and it appears that serviceable starter/top-notch backup is now Colledge's ceiling. I hope I speak for everyone when I say that I wish him nothing but the best in Arizona. Though he's caused us some frustration in the heat of games, he seemed like a good guy who worked hard and who appreciated the fans, so I hope he does well in Arizona.

Update: Colledge Getting 5 Years, $27.5 million From Arizona