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Brandon Jackson, Jason Spitz Both Depart Green Bay Packers In Free Agency

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Fringe players are continuing to leave Green Bay left and right. The team cut Brady Poppinga and Justin Harrell earlier in the day, while left guard Daryn Colledge signed a lucrative contract with the Arizona Cardinals. Now, two more unrestricted free agents have left the Packers. Brandon Jackson has signed with the Cleveland Browns, while Jason Spitz has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Adam Czech over at Jersey Al's All Green Bay Packers had some good stuff on the two departures, check it out.

Jackson will earn $4.5 million over two years with the Browns and his departure might put the Packers in the running for a new third down back if they don't fill that Alex Green will be suited for that role. The details of Spitz's contract have not been revealed. 

Both players will find much better playing time with their new teams than they would have with the Packers this season, and I wish both good luck in their careers moving forward.