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Green Bay Packers Release Brandon Chillar Due To Fitness And Salary Concerns

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So much for the PUP list, which is exactly where I thought Brandon Chillar was headed when I went to bed last night. I woke up this morning to find out that he has been released, meaning the Packers probably thought that he had little to no chance of getting on the field this season. The salary cap is tight and Ted Thompson probably didn't want to spend $2+ million on a guy with serious injury concerns.

Because Chillar was released after June 1st, the Packers will gain $2.6 million in cap space this season, but will be on the hook for $800k next season. The Packers' various releases are going to cost them about $2.5 million against next season's salary cap, and this does not count Nick Barnett, who has not yet been released.

Chillar had season ending shoulder surgery last season and reportedly picked up a bad hamstring injury during the lockout that would force him to miss training camp, if not a good chunk of the season. We'll certainly learn more about the situation later, but this doesn't sound like a good one. And honestly, my first reaction is that this isn't fair to Chillar, but I'm going to reserve judgment until we hear all of the details.