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Packers Re-Sign Crosby, Swain, and Havner

The news that the Green Bay Packers had re-signed K Mason Crosby to a five-year contract was broken earlier this week, but I wasn't sure that they would re-sign TE Spencer Havner or WR Brett Swain. The news was announced on

While Havner has been moved back from linebacker to tight end, he's currently listed as a tight end. After a promising 2009 season as a blocker and goal line receiver, he got the preseason off to a bad start with a motorcycle accident, and he had trouble staying healthy all season long. After a brief stint with the Lions, he was re-signed during the 2010 season, and was knocked out for the rest of the season almost immediately. Since the Packers drafted two more tight ends, it didn't seem like there would be room for him. Obviously, he's being given another chance. With only two full backs currently in camp, there might be some room for him as a special teams tackler and short yardage blocker.

Swain's return was only in doubt if the Packers re-signed WR James Jones, who's return would have made it nearly impossible to keep Swain. He'll still have to fend off the challenges from the various undrafted wide receivers and practice squad players returning, but he has an excellent chance at sticking with the team.