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Packers Re-Sign John Kuhn, Make Him 'One Of The Highest Paid Fullbacks In The League'

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After a quiet morning, it's been an extremely eventful Sunday afternoon for the Green Bay Packers. First, they re-signed James Jones to a three-year deal. Then, we learned that inside linebacker Nick Barnett signed with the Buffalo Bills. Now, the third major transaction of the day involving a Packer or former Packer has occurred, as the team have re-signed running back/fullback John Kuhn to a three-year deal.

Terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, but Kuhn's agent claims that the deal makes him 'one of the highest paid fullbacks in the league.' Though Kuhn might not seem like an elite fullback at first glance, his contributions as a short-yardage ball carrier and his potential as a blocking and receiving ace as a third down back make him more valuable than your average blocking fullback.

Just about every last Packers fan will be happy to see Kuhn back with the green and gold, where he should fill multiple roles in the 2011 season.