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History Says The Packers Had A Great Passer Rating Differential

SI's Kerry Byrne followed up on an earlier article about the passer rating differential with another article looking just at the Green Bay Packers. From Sports Illustrated:

Green Bay's dominance of Passer Rating Differential during its 2010 championship season is not an isolated incident.

In fact, no franchise provides better evidence that Passer Rating Differential is indeed the most important stat in football: the Packers have finished No. 1 in Passer Rating Differential seven times since 1960. They won NFL championships in six of those seven seasons, and nearly won the seventh.

While the article starts out stats heavy, it spends much of the time looking back at the 1960s. It uses the passer rating differential over that era to identify the best teams and tells the story of their match-ups against the Packers. The stats are actually unsurprising (a great pass offense plus a stingy pass defense = great team), and the story of how they succeeded is the interesting part. It's worth a read for Packer history buffs.