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Past Experience Is Usually A Good Thing

Len Pasquarelli writes that it should benefit coaches for the upcoming shorted preseason if they've played through the 1987 strike. He points out that the Green Bay Packers have three positional coaches who were active players during the 1987 strike. From Packers Report:

Those teams with coaches on their staff who have been NFL players before moving to the sidelines, and maybe even experienced the work stoppages of the 1980s, might have some firsthand knowledge of what their charges are experiencing. And that ability to connect could prove to be beneficial as well.

I don't see how that experience can harm a coach prepare for the upcoming season, but I don't see a big advantage either.

Just a little story about one of those Packer coaches who was a player in 1987: assistant head coach Winston Moss. I had the chance to interview him a couple times at the Super Bowl, but I didn't think I was up to the task. He's an intense personality. Every Packer coach I saw seemed relaxed during the media availability, but Moss was trying to drive his words into you. It wasn't yelling, and maybe a bit old school. I'd imagine he gets everyone's attention on the practice field when he wants to make a point.