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Larrivee: The Packers Defense Overcame Injuries

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I've got no problem looking back at the Green Bay Packers championship season because it's something to treasure, Wayne Larrivee looks back at the injuries they overcame last season. From JS Online:

I believe this defense, despite the injuries, was a more effective unit than Dom Capers’ more highly ranked unit of 2009. First off, Raji and Hawk really emerged in performance and leadership roles. Zombo, Walton, Bishop, Peprah, Williams and Shields were arguably better than the people they replaced in this defense and saved what could have been a disastrous campaign on that side of the football. Rarely does an NFL defense get better when that many "fill-ins" have to step up. This one did - and it saved the season.

Just as an aside, I'd stick up for LB Nick Barnett. Desmond Bishop had a great 2010 season, and I've got no problem with him as their starting inside linebacker going forward. But Barnett has been excellent (when healthy) in the past. I'd be happy with either of them, but the writing is on the wall for Barnett when they gave Bishop a four-year extension.

The entire article at JS Online is worth a read.