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Yes, Aaron Rodgers Is Good

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Every so often is an article about Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. One of the latest from the Sporting News:

Although it's true Rodgers doesn't yet have the extensive body of great work to match the trio, no one would question his potential for an exciting encore to a championship season in Green Bay.

What makes him special beyond the obvious assets of arm strength, accuracy and leadership are what also separate Brady, Manning and Brees from the second tier of NFL quarterbacks: relentless drive to stay ahead of all competition.

It's often a simplistic analysis, noting that he has the top passer rating of all time, has won a championship, and he's just entering the prime of his career. I'm most impressed with his accuracy and complete command of the offense.

The only critique I'd have with the above article is that Vinnie Iyer is impressed with Rodgers's mobility, and it's true that he's a surprisingly mobile QB, but after watching him suffer through a couple concussions last season, I'd prefer he'd leave that weapon out of his arsenal next season.