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The Redskins And Cullen Jenkins Are Showing "Mutual Interest"

The Washington Redskins appear to be first in line for Green Bay Packers DE Cullen Jenkins. From the Washington Post:

A person familiar with the situation said that there is mutual interest between Washington and end Cullen Jenkins, who recorded eight sacks last season for Green Bay and is now a free agent. Nose tackle probably is an even bigger need, and San Francisco’s Aubrayo Franklin, the top nose tackle available, has been rumored to be on Washington’s wishlist as well.

I've expected some team, other than the Packers, would spend too much on Jenkins, and it wouldn't be surprising if it was the Redskins. I'm glad to see he's likely to receive a big pay day because he is a heck of a player.

The entire article is interesting because it reads like the Redskins are thinking about building a better fantasy football team. It mentions nearly every significant free agent available, as if they can sign all of them. The salary cap is still an issue, and it'll probably prevent the Cowboys from making any significant changes, so the Redskins can't sign every player on their wish list. And I have trouble imagining them going very far next season without a better quarterback than John Beck.