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The Packers Benefit By The Revenue Sharing Model

Andrew Brandt writes about revenue sharing between the owners, which is a major issue that has been little discussed in the ongoing labor battle. It is something that I expected to be a major issue. I understand why some owners (and the players) might be upset with the current system, it doesn't force every team to maximize their revenue stream, but it does benefit the Green Bay Packers. From the National Football Post:

Ranking teams by revenue alone is an incomplete picture due to the enormous debt that some teams carry while others are debt free. In Green Bay, the smallest market in the NFL, we had high revenue and no debt.

The Cowboys, Texans, and Eagles are examples of teams positioned near the top of the rankings yet have high debt and operating costs. In contrast, the Saints, Bengals and Colts are relatively low in revenue yet profitable due to little to no debt and attractive stadium and real estate deals that reduce operating expenses.

If it helps the Packers, then they should keep the status quo as far as I'm concerned.