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John Kuhn Talks About Defending The Title

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Green Bay Packers FB John Kuhn was in Eau Claire signing autographs, and answering some questions. From the Leader-Telegram:

"I think (the fans like) the mentality of going out there and being blue-collar, hard-working," Kuhn said. "The fans appreciate that."

When football does come back, and Kuhn and his teammates report for training camp, the Packers will begin defense of their Super Bowl championship. And with most of the team returning and several injured starters back to full health, Green Bay will be considered one of the league’s premier teams.

"Any time you have success you become a target yourself," Kuhn said." It’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment, taking a team’s best shot every week. We feel like we did that in the playoffs last year, so we feel like we’re well-trained."

He's talking like he's certain to be back next season, although as far as I know his contract is up. The Packers have let him explore free agency before, and then signed him later. Apparently he expects the Packers latest contract offer is still on the table, and he will sign it.